The Epic of Rheno

According to old stories and texts dinosaurs did not go extinct but evolved like humans and eventually left the planet due to war. The dinosaurs then agreed to separate themselves by species and never return to what they called the Forbidden Planet. Millions of years later a universally renown scientist broke the agreement to never return in hopes to learn the secret to life. The dinosaurs secretly decide to send Aden the Legendary Cybernetic Nobilis Tricera on a mission to stop the doctor and return him to his colony for his crimes.


Created in 2016, Our company is on a mission to become the world’s leader in entertainment. On our path we strive to educate communities across America on the role of art in shaping society and how it can be applied to multiple disciplines¬†all while helping small businesses develop artistic design strategies to maximize their impact.

Cretaceous Designs focuses on four principles, one, producing the most creative content, two, educating people on the value of art, three, providing design solutions for businesses and most importantly strengthening communities.

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